Monday, 28 November 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've been ferreting through the chazza shops to bring you this week's jewels, this pretty tea cup and saucer were only £1!!! 
Silver tea tray (£3)
I couldn't resist this uber kitsch trinket box with flamingos and palm trees (50p)
Tin of animal stickers (£1) - I've seen them in posh gift shops for £10!!!
Traditional shaped basket for my foraging trips (£5)
Flat cap (£3)
String of pink beads for Missy's dressing up box (£1)
My Little Pony mug (25p)
Coral deco glass tray (£2.50)
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Me and My Shadow


  1. I used to have to take my cookery ingredients to school in a basket like that! It wasn't all that practical when I also had a violin, PE kit, books and hockey stick. (I didn't attend Malory Towers) It is very nice though.

  2. Lovely selection of things - especially the deco glass tray

  3. Lots of good finds. I like the basket best of all, always see them but then see the sign "for display purposes only" or "not for sale". Lucky you! I like the flamingos on the box and the My Little Pony cute cup. And you can never have enough flat caps

  4. The tea cup and saucer is so pretty. I saw one I really liked in our local charity shop for £4.50, now that was pricey! Also loving the coral glass tray. Great findsX

  5. Ah Lakota I'd forgotten about Malory Towers, used to love reading those. I too seemed to have cookery on the same day as PE and we didn't have lockers at our school!!! x

    Thanks for all the junk love as usual everyone. x

  6. The teacup, stickers, and basket caught my eye. Lovely thrift finds.


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