Monday, 7 November 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Tat-a-rama this week comprises of the following, a green heart shaped plastic basket for Missy to put her 'washing' in when she helps me load and unload the machine £1
Set of six cake forks for £2.49
I loved the deco style handles
More wool again this week, seven balls of pink £3
Jumbo ball and a half in petrol blue, £2.25
Two reels of yellow £1
Two balls of baby pink, £1
Four reels of baby blue £1
Snoopy plate £2
And a little Mattel doll that has a button on her back to make her walk for Missy who fell in love with her in the shop £1.49 (including alternate outfit)

The button on her back to make her walk
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  1. Love that heart shaped basket ! Is it a minature one ?
    We have a huge basket of wool in our local charity shop, often wish I could knit. Hope we get to see what you make from it xx

  2. Loving the heart shaped basket too and all that lovely wool too. Bargains galore.

  3. I'm green with envy over the dessert forks!

  4. Love that little doll - I think I need a button in my back to help me walk, certainly in the mornings.

    So. This is the reason I cannot find any wool for my pompom making antics. You have clearly pillaged the entire county.

    Thanks for linking up x

  5. The little doll is rather cool, nice that she comes with a change of clothes - Missy is all set for dolly laundry now!

  6. grt finds you've plenty of wool to keep you busy ;)

  7. A lovely mix of things. I love petrol blue and would make a scarf out of that wool straight away. Plus the Snoopy plate and the doll are both really cute.

  8. I have never seen a heart-shaped laundry basket and my view is you can never have enough heart-shaped things or enough laundry baskets for that matter.
    Would have bought the Snoopy plate and the doll too.
    Great finds


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