Friday, 4 November 2011

Thirty Seven Year Kitsch

I've always appreciated a bit of quirky fashion. Anything a bit kitsch or with a cutesy pattern and I'm on it but I have to face facts, I'm fast approaching the 'Mutton Zone'.  Am I too old for quirky in my late thirties?

In my youth I would think nothing of walking around in tartan trousers or a dress that looked like, and invariably was, made out of a pair of curtains and as I've got older I've not lost that sense of fun when it comes to my wardrobe.

I think I should have been born Katy Perry 

As well as kitsch jewellery and accessories I own quirky dresses...
Black and white apple print dress
Tea and cakes dress
Cherry print dress
Flamingo print dress
Alice In Wonderland print dress
Fairground horses print dress
Swallow print dress
Day Of The Dead Sculls dress
Easter Bunnies print top
Unicorn print top
Matryoshka doll tops
Cherry print blouse
Horseshoe print blouse

Sail Boat print top
Wild Horses print top
...and cardigans
Sail Boat cardi
Bow print cardi
Babycham style deer cardi
Lips cardi
So when is 'too old' to have fun with your clothes?  I'm not sure I want to end up being compared to Helena Bonham-Carter!  

I might have to go into quirky clothing retirement and channel my sense of fashion fun vicariously through Missy's wardrobe, although I think I might have already started

Heart print cardigans
Strawberry print coat
I think I must've been entering a fruit phase as
all Missy's summer dresses had cherries
on them!
'I Love Shopping' dress
Doodle dress
Anchor dress
Cake Stand dress

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