Thursday, 15 March 2012


My soon to be brother-in-law Mr W celebrated his birthday this week and I was reminded of a Christmas gift we'd given him last year and thought I'd share.  Mr W sports a tache, it's his trademark and he's had it ever since I've known him, far longer than the current trend for anything moustache related or the Movember fly by nights.
Missy was obsessed with it at my sister and brother in law's last Christmas 
I'm sure it must be a labour of love as I know how much more effort it involved than being clean shaven when Mr Right took part in Movember last year so I thought with my crochet pattern following skills improving all the time that I'd have a go at crocheting one that I could frame up as a little keepsake for him and here it is.  Tache-tastic! 


A penny for your thoughts

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