Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Pair Of Balls Will Be Keeping Me Warm This Winter

More crochet, I'm quite sure you're all bored with my new obsession but as I'm not, and as this is my blog I thought I'd showcase what will be keeping me warm this winter, a lovely slouchy beanie hat, pretty scarf and cosy mittens, all made by little old me from two balls of wool that cost the princely sum of £3.20, stick that in your pipe and smoke it Accessorize! x

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  1. Haha! Dread to think what Monsoon prices would be for those pretties :0)

  2. Wow you got so good at it so quickly, you should try selling this lot x

  3. Gosh, Monsoon would charge at least £30 for that little lot, perhaps I should start selling my stuff!

  4. Wowser! Very cute. I agree with Lakota, you should try and sell them. In fact I think you should make cupcakes professionally too. I can see kids going mad for your Burger Cupcakes at a school fair.

    Madison xxx


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