Thursday, 1 December 2011

Old Man Bag

Regular readers of my Junk Shop Jewels post may have noticed my penchant for purchasing flat caps and brown belts of late

Well, I was out and about on my travels when I spotted a rather unusual bag constructed from two flat caps and a couple of belts and I just knew I had to make one for myself, so I patiently waited until I had collected all the items I needed from my regular charity shop hops (you'd have thought there would be flat caps aplenty in those kind of places but it took me ages to find two that were suitably 'Country File' enough for my task)
Anyway, I stitched the hats together, riveted on the cut down belts and added a button and hey presto, one old man bag.

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  1. Oh you are a clever old bag! See you can sew! x

  2. That's genius!!

    Would be a perfect man bag to stop my bag getting cluttered up with OH's old crap!


  3. Oh now I love this, it's perfect!!

  4. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this in my life!

    Christy I got your email about the Christmas swap but am having terrible trouble replying - I've tried to reply and to send a new email from various email addresses but they keep bouncing back! Could you maybe email me again with your address and mobile number and I'll text you my address?! Don't know what else to do! Thanks xx

  5. Thanks for the spiffy comments, even yours Mary. x

    Lucy, I'm glad we managed to hook up and I'm really looking forward to the swap. x

  6. I love this! My 13 year old daughter wears these caps quite a bit, but I will show her this great idea.


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