Thursday, 24 November 2011

Not A Patch On Mary

My dear friend Mary is a whizz with a sewing machine and is always extolling the virtues of patchwork and she sent me a wonderful birthday gift of some material to add to my stash back in September.  

I entered a giveaway on her blog to win some fat quarters of her gorgeous vintage sheets and she sent me a message encouraging me to actually do something with the material I already had so I took her up on her challenge and during an hour's lull between cooking the Sunday roast and rushing off out to my goddaughter's third birthday party I had a bash.

Mr Right kindly purchased me a rotary fabric cutting wheel and I made a square template out of cardboard and got to work with five different pieces of material in blue hues, the paisley from an old pair of pyjamas, the butterflies from one of Missy's old tops, the Cath Kidston strawberries my mum kindly gifted me, the swirly pattern from an old blouse and the yellow flowers from Mary's gift stash.

I cut five squares from each of the five different materials and experimented with some layouts and then got to work sewing them together
when I had all the pieces stitched together I added a plain white backing using one of Missy's old cot sheets and stuffed the whole thing with some wadding
Most parts actually met up
a couple were misaligned but I'm blaming time constraints, my hatred of ironing and my sewing machine's hatred of me
All in all it wasn't bad for an hour's work!

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  1. That looks gorgeous!

    I have a patchwork in the loft that I started about 10 years ago, so I'm impressed you whizzed it up so quickly!

  2. Thanks lovely lady! It looks great, I've got a few to make for Christmas gifts can you lend a hand?

  3. Hi Christy (phew actually getting time to catch up with you!) - this is absolutely gorgeous, the fabrics all complement each other perfectly and it's so lovely that some of them are from old pieces of clothing - all the memories that they'll hold :) xx

  4. Thanks ladies,

    Liz you need to get that patchwork down and get it finished!! xx

    Mary as I said before LMAO. xx

    Lucy, I think if it hadn't have been made from pieces of material that I cherish then the shoddy workwomanship would have caused me to launch it into the nearest bin, lovely to hook up with you btw. xx


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