Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Little Cracker Of A Brooch

I had one of those crappy tape measures you get from Christmas crackers kicking about in my sewing box, just generally getting in the way so I decided to make a rosette brooch from the little bugger, and here it is.  You basically fold it over and over on itself and sew through all the layers, add a button to hide all the terrible stab stitching you've done, glue on a brooch finding and Bob's your uncle!

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Inspire Me Beautiful


  1. fab idea to use up those pesky little tape measures from crackers :) love it!

  2. where do you find the time? love it!

  3. omg how cool is that?! Thank you for linking up :D

  4. Thanks for the complements, you've all got the measure of me. :) x


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