Thursday, 10 November 2011

Knickers To Crochet

Now this really is crochet porn, it's a cute little pair of frilly knickers
They do have a practical use in that they're a pot holder, somewhere to place your hot saucepans to save your work surface from scorching, although having made them I've decided they're too cute for that and they're just hanging in my kitchen
I have a pattern for a pair of men's pants to match but I haven't got round to making them yet, I just can't seem to find the right shade of greying wool to give them that authentic look.

Now available to purchase in my Etsy shop

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  1. Ahh man they are cute. Loving the concept of having mens matching ones. What a funny thought - how ridiculously unsexy! x

  2. They'd be prefect for a cute baby to cover the Pampers!

  3. Hehe how cute! Thanks for linking up my lovely x

  4. Hehehe these are brilliant! Scarlett x


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