Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just A Halloweeny One

We love Halloween in the Right house, it's my favourite festival and this year Missy was able to join in, she loved spending the day in her witch's outfit and was in raptures shouting 'boo!' at all the trick or treaters that came to the door, although I don't think she was too impressed that everyone thought she was really cute and not at all scary.

Buster, Mr Right and I got all slasher movie on a couple of pumpkins, 

here's the Blue contingent's effort, Phineas from Phineas and Ferb fame, currently de rigueur from Buster's viewpoint
And my rather wonky Darth Vader
Of course Halloween wouldn't be complete in our house without some cakes so I made some rather quick and dirty spider web cupcakes
Mr Right had received one of those £5 off No 7 at Boots vouchers and kindly passed it on to me so I purchased some suitably seasonal orange nail polish and fart-arsed about with it comme ca


A penny for your thoughts

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