Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cupcapers - Lavender Cupcakes

The lovely Fee over on her beautiful and inspiring blog Chipper Nelly made some gorgeous looking Lavender Shortbread using some Lavender sugar she'd made, I've seen it in Waitrose before and balked at the price so, as with both cinnamon and vanilla sugar in the past, I made my own.

I harvested some Lavender blooms
Chucked a load of them into some caster sugar and blitzed in a food processor, I then tossed in a few whole closed buds into the mix to add a bit of visual interest and stuck the lot into a jar to infuse.
Tied dried Lavender posy courtesy of Mrs B (thanks!)
I was going to make some Lavender shortbread but I was cooking dinner at the time and oven space was at a premium and biscuits need their space, so I made a batch of six cupcakes (in purple cases naturellement), just by making a sponge mix and substituting half the required sugar for my Lavender sugar.

When they were cooled I slathered on some buttercream icing in a 'hint of purple' shade and popped a Lavender flower head on for decoration.
The aroma of the cakes was to die for but to say my expectations of a decent flavour were low was an understatement (I've been here a couple of times before with floral cake flavours, remember the Rose Cupcakes and Turkish Disaster?) but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and they didn't taste as 'essential oil' as I had suspected, in fact they had a bit of a pancake taste about them which was rather unexpected not to mention inexplicable.


  1. Purple is my favorite color, I could eat the picture!


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