Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Bee Day

A few weeks ago, during that random hot sunny weekend at the beginning of Autumn, we took a walk over to our local museum, on the way there we spotted these gorgeous blooms
and upon closer inspection I spied this massive bee collecting the last of the pollen from one of the flower heads
It was rather apt as we were on our way to a bee event they were hosting, I love bees (and more importantly the honey they kindly produce) and have a romantic vision of owning my own hive, they look so appealing,
although I'm sure once I've been stung a few times the novelty would wear off
Anyway, there were craftsmen making old skool basket style hives, honey makers and people from the local bee-keeping society giving lectures on how to keep bees
but the best part of all was the little stall where you could make your very own beeswax candle by rolling a pre-cut sheet of beeswax with a wick in the centre
here's my attempt, not bad and when I got it home it filled the kitchen with the heady aroma of sweet honey, gorgeous!

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