Monday, 10 October 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I went on a bit of a birthday tat-fest with Mr Right over the summer and here are my finds, packet of flower beads 75p
A shed load of wool from a few different shops, my collection needed a boost as I have a few crochet projects in mind £6 approx
Dessert cutlery in box £6.99 incomplete, the six forks top middle are mine from a previous charity shop rummage, not only do they match but there's just enough to fill the gaps, kismet me thinks!
Old skool kitchen utensils pot £1.50
Diddy glass cheese/butter dish £1.50
Paddington Bear cake/jelly mould, not sure if it's old or not but I have stuck a nail through it and it's hanging on my kitchen wall, 99p
Small silver metal tray £3
Small glass cake dome £4
As ever linking up with Liz and her other magpies over on Me And My Shadow

Me and My Shadow


  1. Oooh what are you going to make with the flower beads?

    Love the glassware - the cheese dish and cake dome are gorgeous.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. I love the cake dome (I've always fancied one) and the cheese dish. Much nicer than tupperware!

  3. I have serious button envy. At one charity shop near me they are charging £1 for 8 buttons - and they're not even that nice!

  4. OMG Paddington!!!! He's fabulous!

  5. Looks like you will be creating one way and another. I love the Paddington Bear thingy most but love your cutlery story too

  6. Oh I've always wanted a cake dome, just lovely!

  7. Oh wow - I adore the little butter dish and the cake dome!

    Jem xXx

  8. Pretty beads. Love the cake dome too.

  9. Thanks for the junk love everyone! :D


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