Monday, 3 October 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

More stuff I've had to make room for in my already crammed-with-crap home for your delectation, four pretty floral dinner plates £2
Noddy Fuzzy Felts, I had hoped these would be good for a textile craft project and as I couldn't open the box as it was stuck with sticky tape I took a punt for 30p, when I eventually did get it open the Noddy characters were made out of paper so not sure what I will do with it now
Box of Sculpey home-bake clay £2
It was unopened and just look at all the lovely colours, you wouldn't get one block in Hobbycraft for what I paid for all 30!

As ever, linking up with the no longer homeless Liz and her Magpies over on Me And My Shadow

Me and My Shadow


  1. Sculpy sounds rather fun, if it's like Fimo it must have been a bargain to get that many blocks - costs a fortune!

  2. Who ever heard of paper shapes in Fuzzy Felt? What a swizz :0(

    Great modelling clay though - what you planning? x

  3. Sculpey is knock-off Fimo so I was dead pleased to come across so much Lakota. x

    Paper cut-outs are such a cop out :( I have lots of plans for the Sculpey, just no time in which to realise them Liz. x

  4. Pretty plates. But as for paper shapes in the fuzzy felt set - what a swizz!

    Have fun with the Sculpey!

  5. I can't believe you got all that clay! And fuzzy felt will always have a place in my heart. You're not going to let the children play with it are you?

  6. Just read PROPERLY the bit about fuzzy felt swizz! Tsk! Can't trust some people :-(

  7. crammed with crap you say? mine too!
    fee x

  8. Those plates look really cute. Bit surprised by the fuzzy felt, how would paper stick to the felt background :(

  9. I used to love fuzzy felts! Your clay was a bargain (hobbycraft is great but sooo expensive!)

  10. That's a great price for the Sculpey. Enough to make the projects whizz through your mind!

  11. Could you get some felt and use the paper shapes as a stencil to make your own Noddy?


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