Thursday, 6 October 2011

Play Your Cards Wright

My sister and her other half sent Mr Right this birthday card and I loved it so much that I told him I'd frame it when his birthday celebrations were over
a couple of days later I was rummaging in a charity shop when I came across these for 50p and had a bit of a craft sesh with them
I framed up six cards spelling out our surname
and Mr Right's original card
I also made some with the kids' christian names and even made a little one just for me!
I've since seen a 'Mr and Mrs' done professionally with the same cards and they wanted about £60 for it!  This thrifty business is paying for itself in spades (humble apologies for the terrible card pun!)


  1. Boom boom!!

    They look brilliant - didn't realise he actually IS Mr Wright!

    Where did you get the frames from? They're lush!


  2. These look amazing! Great idea chick :o) Scarlett x

  3. Thanks for the love ladies, the frames are from a cheap odds and sods shop called B & M Homestores and were only a couple of quid for three! :)


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