Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

I was at Mrs B's house over the summer and I spotted that in one of her back garden boarders she had positioned a rectangular stone monolith and I thought it would be nice to have something architectural dans le jardin to complement the plants, that evening I remembered I had a couple of old mirrors in the loft and some glass etching cream I was itching to try so I hatched a plan
I covered the mirrors in clear sticky-backed plastic (Blue Peter eat your heart out!) and printed off a suitably horticultural phrase, spaced the words onto the mirror and used spray mount to stick them down whilst I used a craft knife to cut out the letters
I then painted on the glass etch cream and waited the allotted time
Washed it off and here's the result
I placed it in my butler sink herb garden, although ironically I now see there is a weed next to the Rosemary!!!!
I had a bash at a second mirror by using some wallpaper with a floral theme I liked as a template
But I didn't heed the warning on the glass etch that it's not really suitable for large expanses of glass and unfortunately it didn't come out as well as I had hoped so I stuck it behind some foliage and will just have to keep my fingers crossed that nobody notices!
I quite enjoyed using the glass etch and will certainly use it again, although this time I shall wear thicker disposable gloves as I managed to melt most of my fingernails whilst making these mirrors!

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  1. ohhh lovely. You clever person. Would love to have a go at this. Adds to list of things to do ......

  2. The second one looks fine - it's the distressed look which is perfect in a garden :)

  3. What a lovely clever, I would not think to do that, but I really want a go now!

  4. That's very crafty. I've never heard of glass etch but my mind is running away with ideas!

  5. OMG!!! They look fabulous!!! I've never heard of Glass Etch either.... oooh I must hit Google!

    Thanks for linking up lovely xx

  6. Love the caption on the weeds mirror :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. Hello there! Just popping on to say hi, I'm your partner for the FHC Shop Christmas Swap thing - I can see I'm going to enjoy reading over your blog :) Lucy xx

  8. Thanks for reflecting on my mirrors all, the glass etch is called Armour Etch and I got it online.

    Hey Lucy, I'm a bit behind with my blogging this week and very much look forward to having a meander through your thoughts when I get a moment to myself. x

  9. Your mirrors look the fairest. What a great idea, and how nicely they enhance your garden.



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