Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm A Granny Square

During the summer holidays Mrs B and I decided that we were going to start a craft circle (technically a craft line as there's only the two of us) of our own and our first project was going to be to master granny squares.

As I'd done a bit of crochet before I volunteered to try and get my head around the pattern then teach Mrs B what I'd learned.

They've always been a bit of a mystery to me so I got into my Moo-Moo, hopped into bed and set to work, I know that this technically makes me a granny square but who cares, granny is the new black right?

Anyway, a couple of hours and one step closer to arthritis-gnarled fingers later here are the fruits of my labour
Now that I had mastered the art I spent a sunny afternoon in Mrs B's back garden during our inaugural 'Hook Up' imparting my new-gained knowledge and taking her through the process one stitch at a time until she had completed a square, 
she then made a couple more under her own steam 
and I now think I've created a monster as she tells me she's been busy making loads more, I look forward to seeing her finished blanket soon.

Speaking of blankets, I turned this charity shop find 
Into this lovely blanket for Missy with my trusty crochet hook
I love the neatness of the rows of stitches, I was addictive to make and is addictive to look at


  1. Lovely blanket - how long did it take just with the one stitch?

  2. Thanks sweets, I probably finished it in about 5 evenings and odd moments when I was passing it and couldn't resist a mo or two of hooking. x


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