Thursday, 27 October 2011


Normally I would have posted about some kind of sweet Halloween treat I'd been working on but the cakes have been a little quick and dirty here of late and I have a couple of big birthday cakes to make on the horizon so I have been using the calm before the storm to hone my new-found crochet skills, so I thought I'd share a little Halloween crochet make I knocked up one evening last week for Missy.

It's a super cute pumpkin hat, I converted a free baby pattern from FaveCrafts and here's Missy modelling the finished article.

One thing's for sure, I certainly won't lose her in it!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  2. That is SO cute! Can you scale it up to make an adult one seeing as I've gone a bit pumpkin-mad? ;0)

  3. Awh that is so cute! Wish I could remeber how to crochet. Ax

  4. That is one cute hat! Just brilliant!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. I am such a crochet nut, thanks heaps for giving me another pattern to try :) Just need to convince one of my girls to wear the hat, or put it on a friends baby LOL

  6. adorable - of only mine were small enough for me to have ANY say over their wears!
    fee x
    (giveaway over at mine!)

  7. Thanks for the pumpkind comments everyone! x

  8. Liz I would make one for you in a trice but I fear you would be sectioned if you wore it. x

  9. This is so totally cute! You are such a crafty minx - everything you do turns out beautifully :o) Scarlett x

  10. Too kind Scarltett but I don't blog about the craft fails I have ;)


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