Wednesday, 19 October 2011

60 Watt I Want

I'm sad, sad that I won't be able to buy these anymore
I have a real hatred for energy saving light bulbs, the light they emit is dreadful, they take ages to get going, they're ugly and they don't fit my lamps and chandeliers, not to mention the mercury they contain and the expense of them.

Understandably Mr Right keeps trying to get us to convert to the energy saving ones and even went so far as to change the bulb in one of my most used lamps without telling me thinking I wouldn't notice!!

I try to do my bit for the environment, I compost, recycle, upcycle, buy in charity shops rather than new, make do and mend, save fuel where I can and grow my own so why can't I have these?  If I want to pay a little bit more to my energy provider every year for the ability to actually see what I'm doing in my own home then why can't I?  

I'm sure there's someone somewhere with a clipboard and calculator that will tell me that I'm solely responsible for the icecaps melting away but they probably can't see to do the sums!


  1. I have had energy saving bulbs for a long time in my home due to hubby being obsessed with them! I agree they arent that pretty and look terrible in some of my lamps but ive got used to them. I therefore blame you for the melting ice caps *wink* lol Scarlett xx


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