Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Wright Buttons

As you may or may not know I love a button and have amassed quite a collection, but they're no good sitting in a box in a cupboard where nobody sees their beauty so I decided to get my craft on with some of the nicer ones.  

I began by printing out a large letter 'W' as it's the initial of our surname and traced it onto a square canvass
I then laid out my buttons inside the 'W' shape, this was trickier than I had expected and required more small buttons than I had initially anticipated but after a bit of trial and error I eventually came up with a pattern that pleased me.
Once laid out I transposed the buttons onto the canvass one by one, sticking them down with a hot glue gun,
 a couple of hours and some third degree burns later, here's the end result
Interesting close up but to get the overall effect viewing from a distance is recommended
Not bad for a couple of quid considering I've seen similar with asking prices upwards of £200!!!!

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  1. Wow!!!!! GORGEOUS!!! You are so talented and creative! Amanda and Liz will love this too, I reckon :)

    Thanks for linking up lovely - Nice to have you back :D

  2. You're right T, I do indeed!

    I have a 4 aperture frame waiting in my 'things to do' box to make Ruby a button name picture :0)

    Who is W? x

  3. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous! Love!!! I have seen the same ones that are REALLY expensive and thought I could do that...I had not thought about glue gunning though. I must do this now I've seen this.
    Amanda x

  4. What a fab idea, I wish I had more buttons!

  5. Very cool make, love it :o) Scarlett x

  6. Thanks for the craft appreciation! x

    Liz, we are 'W', our surname is Wright.

    So pleasing when something you make turns out well, especially when others are making them and selling them for so much. Perhaps I should set up shop?!!


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