Monday, 26 September 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

The tat-fest continues apace, this week a Pirate book for Buster £1.75
These fab old cards which I got my craft on with 50p
I know that Missy already has a play crib for her dollies, but for £4 I couldn't resist this pink metal one and I'm itching to get my sewing machine going to make a mattress and bed linen for it, I think the other may have to be relegated to her playhouse in the garden
Glass rabbit jelly mould £1.50
Blue plastic vintage kid's hanger 25p
As ever, linking up with the lovely Liz and her Magpies over on Me And My Shadow

Me and My Shadow


  1. We had hangers like that when we were little - I wonder where they are...can't wait to see the creation for the crib, let me know if you need any little squares for a patchwork dolly quilt (aka scrap vomit!). Mx

  2. I would have loved that crib for my doll when I was little (ok, ok, I love it now, just trying to be grown up there!) I love the vintage cards too - someone else got some of these a while ago - why can I never see any?

  3. I've been after a glass rabbit mould for ages - good find!

  4. I want that crib ! to go with my wooden dolls house that I also don't have ! I had a deprived childhood.
    Lovely lot of loot sweetie, looks like it was only you buying stuff this week xx

  5. That crib is a winner! I know you like remnants so let me know if you would ever like any? I have so many old pattern books they end up getting burnt... Direct message me on Twitter. Hope you're well - I'm blooming!! Emma Q

  6. I remember those hangers! Love the card game too. I bought a set from ebay for a silly price so I could make them into Christmas presents!

  7. I love that glass jelly mould - what an amazing find! Scarlett x

  8. Love the pirate book, you can never have enough of them. Have a thing about jelly moulds but this one is just so very lovely.
    Yes, I am also liking your crib thing and would have snapped it up too

  9. Thanks for all the junk-love peeps, I too had a deprived childhood with regards to cribs and dolls houses Karen so I'm living vicariously through my daughter.

    Thanks for the offer of the pattern books! Glad you're well Emma. x


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