Monday, 19 September 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Mrs D and I went on a vintage/charity shop trail a few weeks ago and here are my finds

From the Vintage Fayre, a 1960s Sindy doll in original outfil £11.50
Mini glass jelly mould to add to my collection £3
Dressing table set with an equestrian theme £6 
From the charity shops, Victoria Plum book for possible crafting 75p
Small Cole & Mason oval dish 99p
Glass serving platter, loved the pattern, £2.99
An almost complete set of 'Little Forks', Mrs D spotted them but didn't want them so I snapped them up to add to my ever-expanding cutlery collection £1.99
Granny bag £3
And these two items that I can't reveal the price of as they're gifts, first up these ice tongs, Mrs B has a vintage drinks cabinet that transforms into a bar, it's super chic and she received a kitsch pineapple shaped ice bucket for Christmas and decided she needed some ice tongs to go with it, so with this in mind I spotted these and purchased them for her
Finally this gorgeous trifle bowl in a flower shape, Mrs Z saw the three little ones I have and remarked that her gran had had the matching trifle bowl and that she had set her brother (who volunteers in a charity shop) the task of finding one for her.  

I spotted this one and was very tempted to keep it myself but I had to share the love and I've since found two more so happily I can add them to the little ones I already have, a market stall trader who sold one to me told me they were originally from Woolworths 
As ever linking up with the fabulous Liz over at Me And My Shadow 

Me and My Shadow


  1. Your glass tray is beautiful.

    Adore the vintage Sindy too. So sweet and innocent back in the day - how did we end up with slutty Barbies now?

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. I bought my mum an antique collection of jelly moulds which I thought are amazing - like most things given to her with love she's put them in a cupboard and forgotten about them. You'd love unfair.

  3. Fab finds loving the dressing table set and the victoria plum book :)

  4. I'm surprised to find myself loving the Sindy best. She is a classier girl than Barbie, isn't she? Also love the glass jelly mould. We picked up a similar one recently, but I've been struggling to get the jellies out in one piece so far - very frustrating.

  5. I love your glass Jelly mould - I've just started to collect them, no idea why, I just love them. I just won some on ebay so I'll be sharing them next week x

  6. I had a Victoria Plum jigsaw which I loved! Great finds.

  7. Beautiful Sindy doll. Very enigmatic ;-)

  8. Oh, I love the Sindy so very much. Fond memories there.
    Loving the little dish and also the big dish largely cos it reminds me of my mum's trifle.
    Good find again, well done!

  9. I absolutely love the Sindy doll!

  10. Wow, what a fabulous haul - didn't you do well?!

  11. Sindy is so much better than Barbie, there were a few Barbie items among the Sindy stuff but we didn't touch it.

    Re the jelly moulds, my mum informs me that if you dampen the mould with water before you fill it with jelly mix it should come out easier.

    Thanks for all the junk love! x

  12. I was only allowed Sindys - my mum considered Barbie common! I have the same jelly mould and some little forks - would love a vintage bar though, is on my wish list!


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