Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Mr B was taking some stuff to the local tidy tip a while back when his tat radar was triggered by a woman disposing of a Sindy house, furniture, dolls and accessories.  Thankfully he had the presence of mind (and a Del Boy nose for a money-making opportunity) to tell the lady in question that his daughter* would LOVE that stuff and she handed it over only too happy to see it going to a good home, even going so far as to fish bits out of the compactor she'd already launched.

*Mr B does not have a daughter, he has a wife/wife's friend that are simpletons

Anyway, having half joked periodically since that day that we should get together and play Sindys that's exactly what Mrs B and I did.  One glorious sunny summer holiday afternoon we were 8 years old once again and I was going round to my friend's house with my Sindy doll (sadly not my original but a recently purchased 1960s one from a vintage fair) to play.

When I stepped into the dining room at Mrs B's I was transported back to 1982 when my sister and I used to go to our friend's house every Sunday with all our Sindy bits as she and her sister had the house and furniture and we'd while an entire day away immersed in our own little plastic world.

When I mentioned to Mr Right I was going round I'd initially said I would probably be about an hour, an entire afternoon whizzed by in a trice, this is what we got up to...
Mrs B's Sindy (left) has just come in from a day shopping,
whilst my Sindy (right) has been slaving away doing the washing
(the machine actually works!!!!)
Does my arse look big in this?
Why haven't hair straighteners been invented yet?!
Mind you, my hair would probably melt
On the job
A shot for Hello perhaps?
Club Tropicana
Sex And The City?
Tres chic
Ready for a day of sightseeing (or perhaps flashing)
Obligatory wedding scene
Ooo la la, grandma
Time for tea
Love this pic of Mrs B, she looks like she's sitting at the table with the ladies having the best time
Our play things for the afternoon
Some other gems were lurking among the bits and bobs, this Strawberry Shortcake, she still smells of strawberries (and ever so slightly of loft)!
Mrs B found her Bionic Money, good for lots o'fun apparently!
And these two beauties, Mr B had intrigued me by saying he had a couple of items I would love and he was not wrong, you know me and Louis Vuitton, so imagine my excitement when I cast my peepers on these Sindy Vuitton bags!!!  I want.
All in all we had a marvelous time, despite the occasional child popping in and reminding us we're fully grown women and that it's slightly odd that we were in raptures over some bits of plastic, talk about role reversal!

Anyway, sadly all good things must come to an end and Mr B is selling the collection on eBay as I type, although I still have my Sindy doll to remind me of a wonderful afternoon, where for a few magical hours I had no cares or responsibilities, I truly was a child again. 

Thanks Mrs B (and Mr B)! x


  1. What a fabulous post. I so wish I still had my Sindy dolls :(

  2. I enjoyed it as much as you !! x Mrs B

  3. This is so cool. I have my doll house up in the loft. Don't want to bring it down when the boys are so young, it's fragile :) x

  4. Oh yes Susan, these items are NOT for children, they certainly wouldn't appreciate their awesomeness!! x


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