Friday, 9 September 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Considerate

A mysterious parcel arrived for me last week, I opened it and to my surprise this was what it contained...
...along with this
It was a lovely birthday gift from my wonderfully creative friend Mary over at Handmade By Mary Emmens, she even got me a card with Matryoshka dolls on (which I LOVE!).  

I decided to wait until the next day, my actual birthday, to open the shiny parcel and I'm so glad I did, it was a veritable crafter's delight, a gorgeous pink and purple flower brooch which will take pride of place on the lapel of my winter coat and a notebook with a Matryoshka doll cover, both items cleverly handmade by Mary herself of course, plus a lovely fat bundle of scraps, although I don't want to call them scraps as that's a somewhat derogatory term for such yummy items
Even the ribbon used to tie them has gone into my stash
The fabrics, brooch and book were beautiful, my pics really don't do them justice.  

Now all I need to do is get my arse into gear and make something with this little lot!

Thanks again Mary, too lovely! x


  1. What a lovely surprise - have a wonderful birthday

  2. I love a surprise! beautiful wrapping. happy birthday...and a happy new week
    fee x

  3. I do the exact same - keep all the ribbon etc then really hope I have time to do something with it all!
    Sounds like a lovely gift
    Nelly x

  4. I had a wonderful birthday, thanks everyone! x


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