Sunday, 18 September 2011

Give It Some Welly

The summer has gone (did it ever arrive?) and now I can look forward to my favourite season of all, Autumn.  

There's so much to love about Autumn, getting cosy with my little family as the evenings draw in, Halloween, Bonfire Night, comfort foods and these...

Hunter fleece welly socks.  I love my Hunter wellies, so much so that I have two pairs, although one of them has suffered a bit of UV damage, they used to be baby pink but I left them outside too long and they're now white, I could wear them as is but they look a tad 'medical' so I'm thinking I might spray them or decorate them somehow, suggestions on how I might do this most welcome!

Anyway, I had some lovely grey Calvin Klein welly knee-length socks that my mum bought me a few years ago that have seen better days and quite frankly don't keep my feet that warm and I saw someone sporting some of these babies and I just had to have them, so at the moment I'm longing for a chilly day where we can go for an afternoon walk in the woods after a Sunday roast so I can put them to the test.

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