Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cupcapers - Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

The B family kindly invited us over for a BBQ one summer holiday evening and I asked if there was anything I could bring, Mrs B suggested perhaps I might like to make some cakes as I seem to be getting pretty good at it by now.  

I decided that as I'd seen so many people make ice cream cone cupcakes over the last year that I would quite like to have a bash and this seemed like the ideal excuse.

I started by making a sponge mix and filling some wafer ice cream cones with flat bases with it
And bunged them in the oven until the sponge was risen and golden
I then made some butter cream icing and piped some onto the top of each cupcake and added half a flake
I then drizzled on some raspberry jam
and as a final touch added some hundreds and thousand and chocolate sprinkles and here are the finished cakes

Mrs B had made some cakes herself, a rather interesting combination of raspberries and beetroot (for extra colour) and had turfed them as they tasted like (in her own wonderfully descriptive way) 'a fart in a grocers' so mine were thankfully in comparison gratefully received, although Mr B and myself agreed that they would be a tad tastier if they had had some kind of filling inside the sponge, which just means I'll just have to make them again sometime soon.

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  1. They look so cute! I want some. I suspect my daughter would prefer them with every possible embellishment from the sprinkles cupboard, but, call me a purist but I quite like them with just a simple flake :0)

  2. These are excellent, my kids would go mad for these, I might have to try them :-)

  3. They were yummy as they looked !!!! please come again soon with cake ? love Mrs Bowes x

  4. Haha! Funny you should post these. I planned to make these for Little Ones Birthday and .... erm.... forget to buy the cones. Will have to have a go now I've seen your pics!

    What piping nozzle do you use? I am USELESS at piping anything semi decent. Any tips on a good set?

    Thank you so much for linking up. You never fail to inspire me, thank you.

  5. so very clever - feel the need to try this - will add to (very) long list!
    nearly the weekend...fee x

  6. They look wonderful and very delicious - yummy!

  7. Thanks for all the great comments, these were good fun to make although defo needed some kind of time!

  8. Aah these are the nicest ones I've seen, I like the minimalist 99 flake look. Maybe next time scoop out the middle and dollop the buttercream in there too?


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