Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Com-Post

We gave up our allotment a couple of years ago and now have a small veg bed, a mini green house and a couple of fruit trees and bushes squeezed into our urban back garden and since then I have hated seeing all those veg peelings and kitchen scraps go to waste that once went into the compost bin at our plot but I have a inbuilt hatred of those black plastic composters, they're ugly and just don't fit with my garden, so on my birthday I asked Mr Right (who's extremely handy - remember this?) to make me a beehive style composter, so he did
Missy wanted to lend a hand with the construction of the frame while Mr Right nailed the outer boards on
I think Missy thought Mr Right was making an outdoor toilet block for her playhouse
After Mr Right had assembled the bottom, he made a sloped lid, added a handle and hinged it for ease of open one-handed when emptying the kitchen caddy into it, he also made a removable section at the bottom for simple extraction of the black stuff when it's cooked.  I then gave it a coat of wood stain to match the other items in the garden and we're good to go.
Sadly it's the closest I'm probably going to get to keeping bees (another one of my hankerings) but as a substitute with a practical use I think it looks great! Thanks Mr Right. x

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  1. It's so good, I have seen them, and coverted! We have a horrible plastic one, that's hidden in a corner, this is much nicer. Clever Mr right!

  2. we have (had) one of those bee hive composters until it became Ned's (tortoise) house! Currently without compost bin and missing it terribly.
    If only Cleggy was handy with a hammer!
    fee x
    (or any tool for that matter...)

  3. We've got an ugly black one which showers you in worms when you take off the lid! Yours is far nicer.

  4. that looks fantastic. I might havee to show this to my husband to see if he could have a go at it!

  5. wow, Mr Right is so clever! That is brilliant! And you are right, it looks so much so much nice than the plastic bins!

    Thanks for linking up hun :)

  6. Thanks for the DIY love everyone, Mr Right is indeed a clever bunny, I just need to keep my fingers crossed that tortoises and worms don't take it over!! x


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