Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Straw-Berry Good Week Indeed

Last week seemed to trip along with a Strawberry theme, firstly my lovely cousin Miss B posted this picture on her facebook
super cute huh?  I know I'm over twice her age and fast entering the mutton zone but I couldn't resist having a go myself.  Besides it allowed me to use the harlot red Barry M colour I'd tried a few weeks back and rejected as it made my manly digits look like tranny hands.

Anyway, here's my attempt (note I'm showing my left hand as the other hand is super messy as I'm a righty).
Does this count as my five a day?
They can't look that bad as Missy knew what they were meant to be and kept saying mmmmmmm and pretending to eat them (I do feed her, honest!)

Then at the weekend we went along to our friend's (the gorgeous Mrs R) Breast Cancer Care Strawberry Tea Party, she's been busy raising funds all year and had organised a fun afternoon in the sun with stalls, bouncy castle, raffles and food and we all had a great day out whilst raising money for this wonderful cause.

Later on in the week we finished painting and erecting Missy's garden play house, it's located on a barked area in our garden where wild strawberries have taken it upon themselves to grow and who am I to argue?
The Strawberry Patch
so I decided to go with the theme and purchased some tiny strawberry print fabric from eBay and made some curtains
a cushion
and some bunting for the inside
I found this cute little sign for the front door for a couple of pounds in a cheap homeware store
and we added the 71A as our house number is 71
I painted an old kids' Ikea table and chair kindly donated by Buster in pink and placed it inside along with an off-cut of carpet to make it super cosy
Missy loved it, dressed in her Strawberry Print dress and matching Strawberry flip-flops (both from Next)
for the official opening ceremony.  Although she keeps making me sit inside it with her and it's a little cramped to say the least, I feel like I'm in Being John Malkovich working on the 7½th floor!
Finally I won this lovely piece of Strawberry Shortcake material for a couple of quid on eBay
not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I just couldn't resist it and it seemed like it was meant to be at the end of a Straw-berry good week!

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  1. Love the playhouse, you should have a little spread in a lifestyle and family section of a Sunday supplement! Do you think Missy would sublet? I could work in there with my laptop quite happily.

    And awesome nails ;-)

  2. Wow! How blooming clever are you?! I'll need to track down some green nail varnish and give the strawberry nails a try.

    Missy is a very lucky girl. Gorgeous playhouse.

    Madison xxx

  3. Fabulous nails and playhouse!
    Now I really want some strawberries!

  4. You are really freaking me out! To too many coincidences here. The dress I made this week, I think is the black colourway of that strawberry print. My DD's playhouse (still waiting to be taken down at old house) is painted exactly the same colours, has the same Ikea table and chairs and we are living at No 71 at the moment.

    How freaky! Are we twins?

    Love your nails though ;0)


  5. I love the playhouse, its so pretty! The total opposite of ours. It has pirate flags and is called the Devil's Domain! I think when my wee girl is bigger she will be changing things a bit in there!

  6. This really made me chuckle, great post! Loving the strawberry theme, I just fancy a bowl of them now!!

  7. You've been very busy! Love the nails - so cute. They wouldn't last 5 minutes on me. That playhouse is so gorgeous - especially with the strawberry details.

  8. What a lot of strawberries! and very spooky connection with @missielizzieb --woooo. I love everything, the playhouse, the sign, the NAILS, wow! and the reminder of being John Malkovich - I loved that film, well the start especially with the speedy filing ;0

  9. I would have LOVED a house like that when I was little. LOVED!

    I used to watch Calamity Jane over and over, particularly the bit where she makes over her little house in the hills. Gosh writing that I've just realised it is a bit odd that Calamity Jane was one of my favourite things to watch as a child!

    Loving the strawberry nails too,
    Nelly xxx

  10. wowsers, a strawberry good week indeed!
    lovin the strawberry shortcake fabric. i'm currently wanting a unicorn/my little pony fabric any ideas where id find one haha. u know all the best places.

  11. Loving your strawberry theme! And your nails truly do look good enough to eat!

  12. So many lovely comments, thanks for the playhouse and nail love everyone!

    MichaelAhoy - have you tried ebay my sweet, had a quick search on there and came up with this remnant

    Nelly - I too used to watch Calamity Jane (among other 50s/60s musicals) when I was little and LOVED the scene where they makeover the little cabin singing 'A Woman's Touch'

    The Mum Of All Trades - The Devil's Domain sounds great but you're right, I'm sure it will get a name change and a makeover at some point with a little girl in charge!

    Lakota - LOL re that comment about the magazine spread and yes, I'm sure Missy would be happy to sublet, just give her cake and anything's possible!

    Liz - we are indeed twins, style twins. I thought that material looked familiar!

    Thanks again for all the lovely comments everyone! x

  13. I never wear nail polish but I could be tempted after seeing those!

  14. Oh my goodness!! LOVE this post! I am so sorry I am late to my own 'party' (story of my life!) You are sooooo clever! Just gorgeous!!!!

  15. Baby Moo - I never usually wear nail polish but can heartily recommend Barry M polish!

    White Lily - Thanks lovely, better late than never! x


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