Saturday, 6 August 2011

Shooting Stars

Recently I posted about my love of Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer, well I'm please to see that they are back on our TV screens with another series of the wonderful Shooting Stars, which according to Angelos Epithemiou's Twitter feed starts on BBC 2 on Monday 8th August and I for one can't wait.

Here's one of my (and Buster's) favourite clips from a previous series


  1. I still have fond memories from student days ('you can't give a baby booooze') which shows how long they've been entertaining us!
    how the heck did you start following Angelos' twitter???
    (thanks so much for leaving GB a comment!)

  2. My sister and I were at high school at the time and we used to make our own Man With The Stick hats and laugh until we almost vomitted, love them!

    Angelos' Twitter handle is @Epithemiou, follow him for quality burger van-related tweets!

    Btw, I've tracked you down and am following you on Twitter (that sounds a tad stalker-esque, sorry!) x

  3. Its so funny - love it :o) Scarlett x


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