Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sand In Your Ice Cream

I haven't been to Ikea for ages and I popped in for a couple of bits for Missy's room as she's now in a big girl's bed.  Whilst I was in the children's department I saw this for £3.10
It's a sand ice cream set, complete with tubs, cone and a scoop!
Ideal for Missy's sand table, that's if enough of the sand remains in the table, she just loves the feeling of sand between her toes all over the carpets!


  1. That is so cool! Must get down to Ikea to pick the Wee Man up a set. Thanks for the heads up.

    Madison xxx

  2. £3.10 you say? can't say fairer than that. Well overdue a trip to Ikea...fee x

  3. Oh is that where it's from. My daughter got it as a pressie when the twins were born and I thought it was so lovely.

  4. Hoping all your wee ones don't drag sand into the house like my littlest does!!! x

  5. This is amazing! What a fabulous idea. Scarlett x


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