Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Looting To London Love

I usually like to keep my blog posts cheerful and light and rarely comment on the serious happenings of the world but I couldn't let the events of last night go unmentioned and it didn't feel right to be posting about cakes or crafts at a time like this.

I'm horrified at the sheer lawlessness of these so-called 'rioters', they're not rioters, they have no organised manifesto, they're just opportunist thugs hell-bent on extracting what they can out of the situation, I hope their new trainers and flat screen televisions make up for even bleaker futures they can now expect as local business and homes have been wrecked nobody will want to live/invest in those areas or those people.

The images I have seen in the past 24 hours have made me ashamed of the city of my birth.  Scenes that I keep replaying in my mind are of the sheer audacity of the people involved, one in particular of a young lad being mugged as he is 'helped' to his feet by a group of scumbags.

Plus various other morons flouting their 'wares' on Twitter and Facebook.

I like to end depressing posts on a positive and amazingly enough I've managed to find a few in all this, like this brave woman from Hackney, trying to talk some sense into those individuals in her own community who's actions will only succeed in compounding stereotypes she and her peers have probably worked for years trying to reverse

or this couple making tea for the overstretched police officers trying to regain some kind of order in the chaos
00:38 9/8/2011: Camden Town, London
and finally the so-called Riot Wombles ready to help with the clean-up operations, 
just goes to show that social networking can be used for good.

I sincerely hope that this will be an end to it and that London can now start to pick up the pieces, dust off its war zone image and once again return to being a city I can be proud of.


  1. i love the name Riot Wombles shows there still love in and for our communitys great post x

  2. Its disgusting what is happening, good on the wombles :o) Scarlett x

  3. Same here Chris, I don't like having to go all serious I like my blog to be amusing, but there's nothing funny about what's been happening and I couldn't not write about it. I'm so angry and depressed right now - me and my friends are basically under curfew as it's not safe to be out.

    Your picture of the brooms did make me smile a little, although I imagine it's just another example to the thugs of how they don't have to be accountable for anything - someone else will clean up.

  4. Oh Lakota, totally agree re the clean up, idle hands do the devil's work, it's true, need to get these wasters cleaning up not only after themselves but putting back into the communities they're destroying.

    Ironic that those who should be under curfew aren't and those decent folks are prisoners in their own homes.

    Stay safe honey! x

    Scarlett - Big up the Wombles! x

    Lilly Von Pink - Loving the Wombles and loving your name! :)

  5. another positive for you - i here that millwall and charlton fans are outside all the shops in Eltham standing to gether, shouting, 'your not stealing from us' and stopping any looting. xxx

  6. I was really happy to see the public taking a stand, heartwarming! x


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