Thursday, 25 August 2011

Battenburger Me

I was having my usual Tuesday rummage in a local charity shop when this caught my eye

and being the baking paraphernalia whore I am I couldn't resist it and the £1.99 price tag on an unused Lakeland item that would have probably cost five times that didn't do much to talk me out of the purchase, so purchase it I did.

I've never made a Battenburg before and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it actually was once I'd realised that it's just a sponge cake mix divided in two with one half dyed pink, anyway, that done I plopped the relevant mixes into the tin 

and baked them until my kitchen was filled with the usual aroma that tells me my cake is almost ready for eatin'.  Some of the cake had risen above the tin but I just ran an knife across the top and I was left with four rectangles of sponge.  

I covered each long face of each rectangle in strawberry jam (I didn't have any apricot as directed) and assembled the cuboids together like a contestant from the Krypton Factor just without the lame tracksuit from the Physical Ability round.

I then rolled out some marzipan on some caster sugar and wrapped it around the assembled cake, chopped off the rough ends, check (sorry!) out the result


  1. Wow, that looks amazing. I love all cakes, but the Battenburg is a particular favourite! x

  2. Fair play that is looking pretty much lke the real thing. Well done you,
    Nelly x
    P.s I used to love Krypton Factor, that and Crystal Maze - brilliant!

  3. Oh yummy! It looks fab. Well done.

    Madison xxx

  4. Oh wow what a bargain!!! Looks great x

  5. Got to love a bargain, Robert is over for a couple of weeks from Germany and this is his favourite all time cake! Well done it looks better than shop bought!

  6. Thanks for the Battenburg love, hope you had a great time with Robert and his family Mary! x


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