Monday, 12 September 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've been a busy bee over the summer, sadly too busy to document my charity shop finds but I'm back so here's some more of this and tat for your delectation.

First up four girly place mats as most of ours seem to be male oriented 25p each
Pretty floral blue and white side plate 30p
Oval glass serving platter for £1.50
Round glass jelly mould to add to my collection for 50p
Cute little spoon for £1
Another diddy Mason and Cash oval pie dish along with a ramekin dish to add to my ever increasing collection, £1.99 the pair 
Six vintage butter knives in their original (battered) box, also in the box I found a random fish knife too £5.99 all in
I spied this under a shelf and for £1.99 I couldn't pass it up
And last but by no means least, this adorable Cherry B glass which I'm going to put with my Babycham glass, £1.99

As always I'm linking up with the lovely Liz and her other Magpies over at Me And My Shadow

Me and My Shadow


  1. What a great haul!

    Love the Cherry B glass. The place mats are really pretty. Only recently I was trawling the 'proper' shops for some table mats. I was surprised at how hard they are to find.

    But as for the Battenburg tin...surely, life's too short?! x

  2. Gorgeous finds...I'm on the look out for some butter knives at the moment.
    Can't wait to see the battenburg you make, handmade Thursday maybe?? ;)

  3. Wow! what a collection.

    Love the pretty place mats !

    Am slowly building up my collection of vintage cutlery, I love to use it everyday. Your knives are wonderful, I have some similar. xx

  4. Great finds. I love the placemats.

    Madison xxx

  5. Love the knives, I've got a few like this from from my Grandparent's and they are lovely to use. Great jelly mould too :)

  6. I love the oval glass serving platter!
    The spoon and knives are pretty too - hope you manage to put together a lovely tea party with that little lot

  7. I disagree - life can never be too short for a battenburg tin. I mean, if you were to get the urge, it would save you so much time in tin preparation... That Cherry B glass made me smile. My partner randomly brought me home 4 mini bottles of Cherry B the week I fell pregnant. I never got to drink it so don't know if it tastes as kitsch as it looks...

  8. I am looking for some placemats and yours are just lovely. Battenburg tin - wow, never seen one before. Like the glass a lot, would go nicely next to my colourful Martini and shot glasses. Jelly mould, pie dishes and ramekins are all absolute must-haves for the genuine magpie

  9. Isn't it fun when you find vintage items in their original box, even if it is a bit battered?

  10. I have those very knives - and the jelly mould! If anyone could make the perfect battenberg cake it will be you...

  11. Oooh you found lovely items, esp love the cherry b glass (ive got 6 of them and I'd love to find more!). Scarlett x

  12. I love the dishes you bought!
    Great finds.

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  13. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    I have used the Battenburg tin already ( with quite pleasing results.

    Life is never too short for cake Liz! ;)


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