Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rocky Road-A-Coaster

The gorgeous Z family dropped by for Sunday tea and cakes a couple of weeks ago and Mrs Z brought along a couple of gifts with her.  She remembered how much I had raved about the Rocky Road she'd made for her twins' 2nd birthday party and she made some specially for us me, did I mention she has twins, oh and she works full-time?  Where on earth she found time to make this and present it so beautifully (I got to keep the cupcake tin!) I'll never know.  True to form it tasted amazing and I wolfed the lot in about a day!!!
As well as the yummy Rocky Road I was presented with this cute Matryoshka doll coaster, super thoughtful as I've blogged a couple of times about my love of all things Russian doll and it has pride of place on my bedside table.  Thanks Mrs Z, you're too kind! x 


  1. I absolutely love rocky road and am constantly in search of the ultimate recipe - is there a secret ingredient I need to know about?
    Whst a lovely gift!
    Nelly xxx

  2. Digestives seem to go down well, as do chunks of Crunchie and I like sultanas and glace cherries in mine too. I think anything goes doesn't it? x


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