Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pedaling Mon Amour de Le Tour

This year I have found myself getting into sports that I had no interest whatsoever in last year, must be my age or the fact that Mr Right has finally brainwashed me into it.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the F1 at Silverstone and we're off to see the 2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship in London in a couple of weeks but the last two weeks have seen me addicted to this year's Tour de France, who knew that cycling could be so exciting, and really it is!

I've loved the coverage on ITV4HD, it's been entertaining and informative for a newbie like me and the race itself has been packed with thrills and spills, they say the tour is won and lost in the mountains and it's true, I thought the only edge-of-your-seat stuff would be the sprints and time trials but the mountain stages are just as exciting, plus there's all the team tactics and jersey competitions to add a bit more spice to the proceedings, plus the occasional puncture and mental costume-wearing fans to look out for too.
The infamous tour devil
Also who knew that cycling was such a risky sport, these men are fearless actually accelerating down mountains in torrential rain, there have been countless crashes and injuries but these amazing sportsmen just get back on their bikes (some with broken bones!) and carry on, often being treated by medics whilst still in the saddle!!!
Super brave Johnny Hoogerland being treated
in the saddle after being knocked off his
bike by a TV car into a barbed wire fence
The tour is in it's final week and ends on Sunday in Paris, so you'd better get on your bike if you want to see who wins!


  1. I love all the stuff that goes on at the sides of the road, the giant random art some farmers do, the beautiful castles and spotting the guy dressed as the devil bouncing up and down! Enjoy! ;) x

  2. YAY! I thought I was the only one sad enough to enjoy watching this although sadly not in HD! Looking forward to the Triathlon too. I love spotting the nutters and am waiting for them to get killed by a support car the way they run in front of the riders some times!
    Let's all enjoy together xx

  3. Forgot about the artwork, love that too Jo! x

    That TV car accident was a nightmare Mrs D! Amazed they weren't killed. x


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