Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'd Like To Thank...

This post is for the lovely Madison over at Madison Makes who has been kind enough to nominate me for not one but three blogging awards!

Thank you Madison!
The Awards

I'm not sure where they originate from as Madison received them herself and the point of the awards is to pass them on to bloggers you love (gotta love a bit of traffic generation)

I understand from Madison's post that the Leibster Blog is specifically for blogs that have under 300 readers.

Anyway, I need to spread the love so here are my five nominated blogs

The White Approach
Chipper Nelly
The Babylon Lane Tales
Scarlett Loves Elvis (I know she's already been nominated but I love her darn blog that much!)
Faith Hope & Charity Shopping (ditto above)

Apparently I also need to volunteer five random facts about moi, so here goes

*  I hate pork pie jelly and the fat windows you get in ham

*  I love the impromptu bubbles you sometimes get when you right a bottle of washing-up liquid

*  I cannot under any circumstances consume cheap shit wine and cheese in tandem or I will be an emotional wreck

*  I love the smell of petrol and creosote

*  As a child I once drank a whole bottle of Venos cough mixture because I loved the taste so much

So there you go, all that remains is for me to thank Madison once again for bestowing the awards on me and apologise for not getting round to writing this post sooner (she gave me the awards last month but life laziness got in the way)


  1. Congratulations on your blog awards hun! :-)

    (I'm a fellow loather of pork pie jelly - ick!)

    Jem xXx

  2. Thanks Jem! Glad I'm not alone on the pork pie jelly front. :)

  3. Congrats on the awards hun and thanks for including me in your nominees :o)) I did chuckle over the shit wine and cheese lol!! Scarlett x

  4. Well thank you very much - you're too kind! I do always enjoy seeing your cakey creations. Lol at fat windows - urgh, shudder.

    I think the three awards thing actually started with me when I did a lazy post combining several awards in one go, I told people to pick which award they wanted but everyone just kept passing on the same 3!

    (There's a comp over at mine to win a necklace, if you're interested.)


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