Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An Excess Of Accessories?

When I went shopping for F1 supplies a couple of weeks back I popped into Primark and H&M and managed to get some great accessories from both stores.

From Primark I purchased myself a large floppy sun hat, a cherry belt (I have a thing about belts) and two pairs of sunglasses all for under a tenner, 
I love the Farrah Fawcett-Majors 1970s look achieved by wearing the hat and a pair of the sunglasses together with a maxi dress and wedges.
Continuing on a bit of a 70s vibe I found these Strawberry Shortcake clips
and patches in H & M, great for Missy as stocking-fillers. 
And I know I've said before that I've fallen out of love with Hello Kitty but  who could resist this cute little Alice band
And these rings with the hint of the Alice In Wonderland about them, you know me and Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass


  1. Seriously I cannot believe this style is back in. I was too young to carry off the glamorous look the first time around am too old this time ! blah! You on the otherhand will look stunning in that hat !
    Love the patches and all the little girly things xx

  2. I could just see you in a floppy sun hat and massive shades Karen, anyway you're at the age where you look effortlessly glam all the time but don't know it, I aspire to that soon but for now I shall hide under a floppy hat and pretend to be Farrah! x

    Loo, the rings are supposed to be for Missy but I can see myself nabbing one or two if I can squeeze my tranny fingers into them. x


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