Thursday, 28 July 2011

Eat Me

My current Alice In Wonderland obsession continues apace.  I simply had to attempt something Alice in cake form, after all cakes play a vital role in the story, but how could I incorporate her in patisserie?  

It was something that was troubling me for a couple of days until I was just dozing off the other night when it struck me that it might be possible to draw on rice paper with an edible ink pen, so as soon as I got up the next morning I gave it a go with quite pleasing results, sketching an Alice and a Mad Hatter.
My Alice on the right next to the original on the left

My Mad Hatter on the left next to the original on the right

I made a couple of quick and dirty rectangular sponge cakes and iced them with ready-to-roll icing, cut out the two pictures and placed them on the faces of the cakes.

I then used a little Easter bunny cutter I had to make lots of White Rabbit shapes and framed each cut-out using the bunnies.

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  1. how impressive! blimey thats fab and tasty too i hope. xx

  2. Wow you really are quite clever!

  3. good work - you're so clever!
    I'm completely uninspired right summer holiday mode...fee x

  4. Thanks, as ever, you're all too kind. x

  5. woooooooo! Amazing! I have to sat I've just discovered edible ink pens myself - I must have a go!!!


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