Friday, 1 July 2011

Cupcapers - Black Forest Gateau Cupcakes

I've been meaning to make a Black Forest Gateau Cupcake for ages now but I kept forgetting to buy cherry brandy.

Last week I finally got round to it and was able to give it a go.  I began by baking some chocolate cupcakes, when they were cool enough I pricked them all over with a cocktail stick and poured on a smidgen of the cherry brandy and allowed it to soak in.

Next I hollowed out the centres of each cupcake and filled them with some cherry pie filling, piped on some whipped cream, sprinkled over some grated chocolate and added a single cherry from the pie filling and some of the pie filling sauce mixed with a little more cherry brandy (purely for medicinal purposes of course!) and here's the result

I know this is a cupcake recipe that I will return to again and again as not only is it delicious but I have shed loads of cherry brandy left and it's NOT a pleasure to drink; I know because I tried *shudders*


  1. Ooh I wonder if this would work with the wild cherry vodka I made? Which, incidentally, is delicious! They look really good.

  2. funny! we have some cherry brandy bought (at great expense form Selfridges!) for a recipe and everytime I get it out I try drinking so should be nice!
    Love the look of these - you just can't beat cherry and chocolate combos.
    fee x

  3. Fee - I feel validated in purchasing the 'cheap' one at Sainsburys if they all taste like meths and airfreshener then. x

    Lakota - I defo think this would work with any kind of cherry flavoured booze, give it a whirl, they are delish. x


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