Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Virgin Birth?

On Saturday I became a CyberMummy which is miraculous considering I was a virgin to the blogging conference scene until that very moment.  It was a relatively pain-free birth, dare I say enjoyable even?  And akin to becoming a mother in the off-line world it afforded me not only good and not so good experiences totally out of my control and comfort zone but some new friends to boot.

I set off on the train for the 40 minute journey feeling strangely free, free of stuff (a feeling that wouldn't last long as you will soon see!), I had no buggy, no changing bag, the only requirements that needed to be met were my own!!!

I arrived at the venue, The Brewery (trying to think of some kind of piss-up in a brewery joke but it's not forthcoming), ironically in my working days (almost a decade behind me now) I used to work for the company that had its head office at The Brewery, it's a small world and all that.

I wandered around CyberMummy Central (an area where all the sponsor's stands and more importantly the cupcakes were located) 
and the P&G Recharge Room (where you could make an appointment to get your hair done or book a massage) and then headed off to CyberMummy1 
CyberMummy 1 filling up
for Sarah Brown's enlightening and entertaining keynote speech.

As well as the social and PR hook-ups there were four informative sessions being run and for each session you could choose from either the Panel Forum (Q and A sessions with experts in their relative fields), CyberLab (hints and tips on subjects from keeping your blog legal to social networking) or Workshop (on writing, photography and video blogging).

The highlight for me apart from the Crowdsourced Keynote speakers (amazing bloggers reading their own blog posts; funny and emotive to say the least), was finally getting to meet in the flesh all those avatars and twitter handles I've been chatting to all over the country for the past year.  All the advice says you should never meet people in the flesh that you meet over the internet as you'll end up in a body bag but the only bag I came into contact with was the HUGE one I had to lug to the station with all my freebies!!
My impressive haul
Sadly I didn't get to meet everyone I had intended to but that just gives me an excuse to attend next year and who knows maybe even stay over and join in with the out of hours fun too but it was really refreshing to be among like-minded souls to whom you don't have to explain what blogging is or apologize for twatting about on twitter whilst simultaneously holding a conversation and giving and receiving MooCards.

What have I learned?  Well, I know that I NEED an ipad as lugging a laptop around all day is no fun even if it is pink, I also learned that I still love blogging and CyberMummy has given me the impetus to make my blog better with all the hints and tips I picked up during the sessions but most of all it's also made my Google Reader and Twitter timeline a hell of a lot busier!!!


  1. Can I come too??????????? Was V jealous! ;o)

  2. Looks like great fun! I think I'll go next year. Freebies are always a good incentive. Did the tickets cost much? And more importantly were the cupcakes free?

    Madison xxx

  3. sounds fab! I've never heard about it.
    thanks for sharing...
    fee x

  4. Sounds like good fun and I always love a freebie. Very impressed with that haul!

  5. Sandy - there's always next year! x

    Madison - my ticket was an early bird price of £80 but I think they're more if you leave it til later to book, plus there's travel and some people stayed over although the cupcakes were FREE! :) Hope to see some of you there next year! x


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