Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I've previously posted that this has been a week of firsts for Missy, it's funny how toddlers go for weeks not doing much new to impress you then astound you by learning loads of new words or being able to do something that they couldn't a week before.

This week our little one seems to have grown up overnight, what with her new haircut that makes her look at least 2½ (she's 19 months now) and the constant 'please' when she wants something, she loves saying 'cheers' whenever she has a drink in her hand and Mr Right has taught her high five, knuckles and pleased to meet you with a handshake.  

Buster's been teaching her stuff too, he's been working on getting her to say and recognise oval shapes and I'm really proud of them both as she can do it and that's down to my boy.  She can also descend the stairs safely on her bottom (she's been climbing them at great speed for ages, which although we have stair gates has done little for my grey hairs!)

Anyway, the biggest first of this week has to be the fact that last night she slept in a big girl's bed for the first time AND she stayed there ALL night!!!  We had been preparing her for a few days asking her if she was going to sleep in a big girl's bed soon and I tried her in the bed for an afternoon nap but I have to say it wasn't a great success, the novelty of being able to get out of the bed was too much and I had to keep putting her back but eventually she got the hang of it and remained in the bed until it was time to get up, although she hadn't been to sleep at all.

We all made a big fuss of her and she seemed excited to show Mrs B, Buster and Mr Right her new bed although, that said, I have to admit I wasn't to hopeful of nocturnal success but I devised a new routine in which I sat her in the bed with her milk and Sir Francis Bacon (her pig teddy) and read her a nice story and told her that if she stayed in bed she could have the teddy with the light up belly (Belly Bear) in with her which she seemed to accept.  It took her a fair old while to drop off but to her credit she didn't get out of bed once and she stayed there until it was time to get up the following morning!!!!

She's been an absolute star and in recognition of this we bought her a talking Peppa Pig, which she insists on taking to bed with her too, along with Sir Francis, Belly Bear and Glo Worm, pretty soon there won't be enough room for her!
Our little sleeping beauty


  1. Ahhh love it, nice to hear about all the things they do at that age!
    Particularly like the name of the pig teddy too!
    Nelly x

  2. So sweet. Well done Missy. She's a big girl now.

    LOL at Sir Francis Bacon. Who came up with that one then?

    Madison xxx

  3. The pig's name is all my own work, was either that or a toss up between Richard or Kevin ;)


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