Thursday, 9 June 2011


I retrieved Buster's old box of Play-Doh pots and tools from the loft the other day.
After a couple of years up there I expected the dough itself to have dried out but to my purse's joy the majority of it was fine.  So I popped an apron on Missy and shoved her in her highchair in the kitchen (I'm no fool, or so I thought, I've done this Play-Doh lark before!) and let her get on with it.

Between trying to stop her eating it and mixing the colours I was having OCD related heart failure.

Let me impart my findings from this exercise, some play dos and play dohn'ts if you will for like-minded OCD suffers like myself

  • Sit your child in their high chair, this eliminates roaming and thus greatly reduces the area of devastation
  • Site said high chair on a wipe-clean floor, have you ever tried getting Play-Doh out of the pile of a carpet?
  • Put your child in an apron, Play-Doh on clothes is almost as bad as on carpets
  • Put your child's hair up, PlayDoh in hair is no fun, especially if you child is not a fan of having their hair brushed at the best of times
  • No jewellery, nobody wants Play-Doh stuck in their u-hum ring
  • If you don't want the colour choices next time you get the Play-Doh out to be brown, brown or brown I advise sticking to a single colour at a time
  • Watch your child like a hawk, if they're not trying to stab themselves in the eye with a modelling tool the sweet smell of the Play-Doh will tell them that this is food, no matter how many times you assure them it isn't
  • Keep the Play-Doh away from the general toy population, you don't want to discover your little one has decided that the stuff smells so yummy that dolly and her friends might like to eat some too
  • Keep dogs away, in my experience they too think it's food.

That all said I'm not a complete Play-Doh nazi and Missy had a great time and was amazed that I could make it into different shapes and then make those shapes disappear back into the dough.

She loved the feel of it
learnt some new skills in rolling it out
making imprints with her fingers
using stampers
using cutters
and tools
She improved her fine motor skills
oh and did I mention that children will try to eat it at every opportunity?


  1. Oh they joys of play doh - im so looking forward to having a messy doh time with my little man Scarlett x

  2. The wonders of play doh! I turn into a nervous wreck when we get out play doh, now it's moon dough or moon sand, beads etc, I have to close my eyes and pretend the mess isn't there or I think my heart would fail! X

  3. play doh nazi - love it!
    My #1 son used to call it play doo (and play dont when it went away - poor confused little thing!)

    FYI - I know you've been 'training' missy not to eat it but you can actually make edible play doh. My OH has some recipes on his education blog ( I think!)

    Play and lunch in 1...result!
    fee x

  4. Ooh too funny. I also have slight OCD tendancies so will definitely be refering back to this post when Mabel is ready for some dough action! Getting it stuck in the carpet sounds like something I can fully imagine me doing,
    Nelly x


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