Tuesday, 21 June 2011

No Regular Show

I have endured years of crap kid's tv with Buster and I find myself having to endure the same rubbish shows a second time round with Missy.  Thankfully there's one show that I actually look forward to (apart from Horrible Histories!) and it's great because thankfully Buster loves it too so I have an excuse to watch and laugh about it afterwards with him, it's called The Regular Show (on Cartoon Network) and it's anything but.  
Think Beavis and Butt-Head for kids.  The action revolves around a bue jay (Mordecai) and a racoon (Rigby) who are 23 year old slacker groundskeeper friends and follows their adventures in a surreal land.

There are so many great episodes it was tricky to pick one to illustrate just how wonderful this show is but here goes, enjoy!


  1. Looks funny, im still in waybuloo land with my little one. Scarlett x

  2. now...I laugh out loud at sponge bob - but this one has passed me by. Don't get me wrong, it's almost permanently on in the background - but I haven't actually watched it. Now, of course, I will!

    I used to dream of the day dora wasn't living in the front room with us ('oh f#*k off swiper' I muttered under my breath on a regular basis) but now look back and realise how lovely it all was.

    Drake and Josh - could happily mince them
    everyone on the suite life - skin alive
    zack and luther - don't get me started!

    With you on horrible histories though - laugh out loud funny. Also love 'sorry I have no head'.

    over and out
    fee x

  3. Hi, Just a quick note to say I've passed a few blog awards on to you and your gorgeous blog.

    Madison xxx

  4. Scarlett - Enjoy Waybuloo whilst it last, just as Fee says, it's over before you know it! x

    Fee - I too love Spongebob and I'm sorry I've got no head, thank god they exist or I would have been sectioned long ago! (Blueberries - pffftttt!)

    Madison - Oooh, thanks chick, I'll scoot on over and take a peek! x

  5. This show is so amazing!
    my friend has been telling me to watch it for ages, and then at college today we watched about four episodes!
    she told me about this too which is made by the same guy, i think u'll enjoy:
    p.s not suitable for kidz.


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