Monday, 20 June 2011

Haircut 1

It's been a week of firsts for Missy, one of which being her first haircut.  The poor thing has been wandering around with her hair in her eyes for months now as I hate getting my hair cut and therefore hadn't booked an appointment for any of us but it was getting to the point where it had to be clipped out of the way just for her to be able to see where she's going and as her hair is fine and very straight the slides seem to do just that.

She also has a rather odd hairline, much like myself.  She has a crown at the top of her head where all her hair seems to emanate from and a high forehead but no apparent line in the middle where a fringe would finish and the hair on the top of her head would begin.  I too have this issue but my hair is curly and therefore I've never had a fringe.

Anyway we got to the hairdressers and unfortunately for Mr Right he had to take charge as my hair was being done at the same time.  He coped admirably as Missy can be a mardy moo at times but so long as she had a biscuit in her mitt throughout the procedure she was quite the co-operative model, apart from spinning her head around every few seconds because she could see me in the mirror which made the hairdresser's job of getting a straight fringe quite tricky!

It turned out really well in the end, although the fringe is quite blunt it's not wonky and doesn't make Missy look too institutionalised.  The hairdresser even packaged up some of the clippings for me to stick in her baby book which I thought was a nice touch.  Here she is getting her do done.


  1. awww yay for first hair cuts! My little man had his first cut the other week (at 10 months old!) He has so much hair, people think he is a lot older. Scarlett x

  2. How exciting! Let's hope all future cuts are this straightforward! My 20mth old has his first one booked for the end of the month, he's looking a bit like a surfer dude at the moment with blond curls, I'm savouring these last few days of it...


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