Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cupcapers - Peppa Pig Cupcakes

The Right Family were invited to our friend's (The H's) daughter's second birthday barbecue last weekend and they'd attempted to spend the special day itself at Peppa Pig World (Miss H is a huge fan) but sadly halfway there they had to abandon the trip as the weather was horrific typically British.

I was saddened that Miss H had missed out on her special day visiting her fave porcine pal so I decided to knock up some Peppa Pig cupcakes for her party.

Here are the little swines
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  1. So cool! Have you ever made train cupcakes before? Maybe Thomas the Tank Engine? I'm planning the Wee Man's birthday party and want to do cupcakes rather than a birthday cake. I've been searching the web for ideas and have so far found nowt I like.

    Madison xxx

  2. Hey Madison, thanks for the cupcake love, never made train cupcakes before but just had a quick peek on t'internet and these popped up cute and I don't even like Thomas The Tank Engine!

    Hope you get some inspiration and blog about the results soon! x

  3. (can't believe I just wrote that...)

  4. they are super cute and look like they taste great as well

  5. OK, I'm not showing my daughter this post because she'll want to trade her crap mummy in for a super-dooper one who can make Peppa Pig cakes!!

  6. They are so cool! I know a couple of little girls who would love these.

  7. Ahhh I love them, my youngest would love these, very clever!

  8. They're brilliant! I wouldn't even know where to start with those.

  9. hope she loved them, they look great. xx

  10. Oh my word, those are fantastic!

    Thanks for linking up!

  11. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, you're all too kind!

    Fee, you need help, oink oink! x


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