Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cupcapers - Baby Cakes

Friends of ours, the G's, have just welcomed their third daughter into the world.  Knowing that Mrs G is more of a cake addict than even myself I decided to make some cupcakes to take along to our first meeting of Miss G Mark III.

I made some vanilla cupcakes in some pink paper cases, then covered the top of each cake in strawberry jam and laid a circle of flesh coloured ready-to-roll icing on top and decorated with ears, a nose, a kiss curl of hair and a pink dummy.  I used an edible ink pen for the eyes and here's the end result, baby cakes, almost as sweet as the new arrival herself.


  1. Too cute to eat though! reminds me of the old joke " I love babies but I couldn't eat a whole one"
    Well done you, they're lovely xx

  2. they are lovely and done so neatly. so sweet. x

  3. These are so cute! Scarlett x

  4. They are just lovely! And I decided yesterday (after we received a cake gift) that home baking is just so nice to receive - it takes time and thought and effort. Which can't always be said!
    Nelly xxx


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