Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cakey, Cakey! - Almond Addiction

I had been reminded at a dinner with my family a couple of weeks ago about Sunday tea times at my Oma (Dutch for Grandmother) and Opa's (Dutch for Grandfather) house.  They had these crystal jars that used to come out along with the tea and coffee and each one contained a different treat, sometimes there would be Shortbread Fingers or Tunnocks Caramel Wafers or Party Rings or Ginger Thins but every single time one of the jars would contain some Dutch Almond Fingers. 
Sadly at the time of the conversation I couldn't track down a recipe for the proper thing so I made some Almond Slices to satisfy my craving, here they are, a pastry style base with a smearing of jam and a light egg-white and almond topping, but not enough to stop me pining after the real thing.
Finally after a lot of internet searching I found a suitable recipe for the genuine article (Gevulde Kanos), which consist of a pastry base filled with an almond paste
topped with a pastry lid and a whole almond for decoration
I made a huge batch of them
and some mini ones as an experiment
I even had enough pastry left over to make some jam and lemon curd tarts
So this little lot is what we've had to plough our way through this week
And plough our way through we have (minus a few for friends), they are delicious, Mr Right informs me Gevalde are in the top five cakes I've made (high praise indeed).  Unfortunately Buster isn't much of a fan, I don't think the Dutch genes are very strong within him as he doesn't seem to like any treats from Holland that I make or buy, but Missy loved them and kept stopping to say 'mmmm' after every bite!

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  1. hello there ! love your blog!I as well have been searching for the Gevulde Kanos recipe ...could you possibly link me to the website you got your recipe from ?Thank you


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