Monday, 30 May 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

It's been an OCD friendly week for me as far as the tat goes, I have managed to get a couple of items which either complete tea sets or add to them.

Remember this tea set I got a while back for £6 that was missing a milk jug and a cup?
Well I spotted this little collection that completes my set for £4.50
Unfortunately I'd already sourced a milk jug recently on eBay so only required it for the missing cup but at £4.50 for the lot it was cheaper to get the set than wait for an unlikely single cup on eBay for which I probably would have ended up paying more in postage.  

Although now I have a spare teapot and milk jug, so any suggestions as to what to do with those items would be most welcome!

Also a while back I purchased this little lot for a couple of quid but as you can see it was severely lacking in the cake plate department
Imagine my excitement at seeing these 6 matching side plates for £1.50
Now onto the rest of the purchases, a glass bonbon dish £1.50
A little potion bottle £1.50
A bag of wool oddments for £1.00, I'm hoping that when my crochet bug returns I can use these for granny squares or flowers
Pirateology book for Buster for 99p
And finally this pretty little purple and white cup and saucer for £3.00
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  1. Well you know I'm going gaga over the tea sets. Loving the purple and white one at the end. What you going to keep in the bon bon dish?

    Madison xxx

  2. Can't believe you got all that wool so cheap!

    Adore the little purple tea cup and well done on completing your sets. Least now you have some spares in case anything gets broken!


  3. what a collection. Its amazing how many magpiemonday people come across items at a later date to complete sets. Almost spooky !
    Love the bon bon dish too. xx

  4. Oh well done on completing the set. You could always make a candle in the milk jug and give it as a gift. Or of course use it as a vase. Or even the teapot could make a nice gift if you include some speciality tea with it, and maybe find one more cup.

    Pretty glass again too.

  5. I love the bon bon dish, good chance to buy lovely sweets, we have the Dinosaurology book, they are fabulous reads.
    Great buys and what good luck getting more of your set.

  6. Oh wow I love all your finds this week. You must have been thrilled when you spotted those cake plates!

    I need to get myself some nice china, and as I am about to become the proud owner of a welsh dresser (that will be another post) I really do need to do some serious looking :)

    Why not give the teapot and the milk jug to one of your favourite charity shops, you will be donating and you never know some-one out there might just be looking for them to complete their set :)) x

  7. Well done on completing your set! I'd keep the spares, china has a habit of slipping out of butter fingers - those spares may come in handy. Love all your other finds too x

  8. great finds and well done on completing the sets x
    Missdaisy :)

  9. lovely finds, how exciting it is to complete sets!
    I love the purple tea cup :)

  10. Oh my Mum used to have that crockery with the little blue flowers (she is such a hoarder that I'm sure it's tucked away somewhere!). I love the glass dish with lid.

  11. Loving the bon bon dish - perfect for buttons or sweeties!

  12. Nice to see the sequel to the white and gold crockery set tale.
    I love the pirate book and I like and liking your magic potion bottle too.
    My local charity shop is full of tea sets etc - you would have life!

  13. OMG...How lucky are you finding the matching cake plates! Lovely the colour!


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