Monday, 23 May 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've been snapping up dead people's stuff again
Firstly this diddy cut glass bon bon jar £1.50

Oriental dolly outfit £1.50
Simple little cake slice with mother of pearl style handle 25p
I love white and gold together and couldn't resist this pretty bangle for 25p, although Missy thinks it's hers
And finally this charming floral tea set, a snip at £7.90
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Me and My Shadow


  1. Another great haul. You do have the knack for finding great things. Can't believe you got the cake slice for 25p. So lucky.
    Madison xxx

  2. Wow, Barbie's going to look very Suzie Wong! Love it. And the bargain cake many do you have now? ;-)


  3. oooooh pretty china!! Love it! I also think the sign is amazing! lol. Scarlett x

  4. Wow, adore that dolls outfit!

    The little bon bon dish is gorgeous too. Dead people's stuff rocks!

  5. fab items love the little glass jar :) and lol @ the dead ppls stuff for sale sign hehe

  6. OMG...I have serious tea set envy! That is stunning!

  7. The bon bon jar is lovely, it would look great filled with buttons or spools of thread too!

  8. Ha! That sign is hilarious!

    I love the chintzy tea set and such a lot of it. You could use half of it to make stuff with or display on the walls and the other half to drink out of!

  9. What great finds! I love the bonbon jar, oriental dolly outfit and cake slice - I want!

  10. I think I also have some pieces of that tea set. Very pretty indeed. Love the sign :)

  11. Ok...why are there no sales of dead people's stuff near me???? I love that tea set! x

  12. That sign made me howl with laughter. It is funny how we fill our homes with mostly dead peoples stuff. Hope they are looking down and are happy that we love their things so much.
    Lakota's comment about barbie was fab too.
    Love the tea service can I borrow it for my new rental business ??? xx

  13. Oh you found a cake slice too! I just love the tea set, it is gorgeous :)) x

  14. Can't believe that mother of pearl cake slice was so cheap - what a fabulous bargain!

  15. wow, some lovely finds really love the china and the cake slice... ooo and the bon bon dish :)

  16. Thanks for all the lovely/funny comments, you're all too kind.

    Sadly I can't take credit for the sign, just saw it and thought it pertinent :(

    I don't find cake slices, they find me, what I really need are some pretty teaspoons!!!!

    Karen - My china cupboard is at your disposal any time, saw a really pretty tea set today but they wanted £15 and it wasn't even complete or an amazing make!!


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