Monday, 16 May 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

A bit of a mixed bag to share this week.

First up this funky scrap book for 25p for Buster, I bought it in the vain hope that it would provide a home for the millions of teeny bits of paper that litter every surface in his bedroom.  It was a bargain as it still had the original £1.10 WHSmith price sticker on it
Isn't coincidence a funny thing, just last week I blogged about the book 'They F*** You Up' and this week I find a copy of it in a charity shop for £1.50, it was fate, so I just had to buy it. although by the time I get round to reading it I will probably have already f***ed up my children!
Whilst at the till paying for the scrapbook and book I noticed a basket of old stamps so purchased a bumper bag for £1.50, I'm going to use them for craft projects
Later in the week I found this diddy little ceramic toast rack in pistachio green with gold detailing, it's a beaut and a steal at £3.99, I'm thinking about using it in my bureau for keeping notelets organised
I found these pretty pink and gold square shaped side plates, £1.99 for the set of six
These two translucent glass bowls with a gorgeous rose detail were £2.49 for the pair
And finally for the charity shops, this wonderful cream deco sugar bowl for £1.25
I went to another vintage sale and picked up a few items of note there

This Sunlight Flakes sack for £8 which I'm going to make into a cushion
This Bambi style brooch for £4
This dustpan and brush set, I loved the way the brush is the woman's skirt, £5
This set of fish cutlery with the bone-style handles for £5, I want to use the forks as cake forks, not sure what I'll do with the knives
And finally these lovely old buttons, £1 for 4
I bet you're wondering what all the other Magpies ended up with this week, if so take a peek here

Me and My Shadow


  1. I love the dustpan lady - how cool! Great cutlery and buttons too. I just found a a tin of old stamps and have also been eyeing the glue ;-)

  2. Eeek, sooo many gorgeous things. Love the dustpan and brush - genius. I've just seen fabby buttons on Me and My Shadow blog and now some more on yours. Drooooool.

    I'm interested to see what crafty project you have up your sleeve with those stamps.

  3. I think you can never have enough dustpan and brush sets so loving your very special one. Liking the brooch too. But all good finds and diverse too which makes it more fun. My lot or some of them are over at

  4. Buttons!!!!!! Yours are amazing, I have button envy now.

    The dustpan and brush is so cute and I love deco sugar bowl - it's stunning.

    Using the sack for a cushion is a top idea -can't wait to see it.

    Thanks for linking up x

  5. great finds and that dustpan and brush is fab :)

  6. ooooh, the plates and that sugar bowl ! OMG ! I would die for them. What a bumper bonanza of goodies you got this week xx

  7. some really beautiful finds, I love the pink plates and the old forks, perfect for cakes as you say. the buttons are really interesting too :)

  8. I love the things you found, I am so impressed with what people find. I must get out and do some proper searching lol

  9. Wow you did well, love all your finds they are just great.

    What is it with buttons this week, everyone has found some ;)) x

  10. You have some amazing finds! Love the vintage buttons and sack, and can't wait to see the finished cushion :)

  11. Wow. You got a lot this week. Love the dustpan and lady brush. I look forward to seeing the sack made into a cushion. A very cool idea.
    Madison xxx

  12. the sugar bowl!!!!!! I have lust for your sugar bowl!! and the dustpan and brush - I had one of those in blue when I was a child...I wonder what happened to her - I would play with the 'lady' of course... fabulous and gorgeous finds!

    I have more fish knife and fork sets (and some cake forks) than I know what to do with, in the loft - inherited - maybe I should ebay them, with discount for Magpie Monday-ers!!


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